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The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), otherwise notated in Civil Code §1798.100 et seq requires that all Companies provide Participants with information regarding any financial incentive, discount, prizes, or “price or service difference” which Company may provide to Participants as an incentive for Participants to share their personal information. 

From time to time, Participants using the Services and Ancillary Services may be asked to provide personal information, whether through implication, express direct request, or indirectly as the case may be in exchange for a financial benefit, which may be in the form of gift card, vendor discount, cash, reward incentive, or other monetary or financially beneficial incentive, or a “price or service difference.” The amount of such financial benefit and/or incentive will vary on a case by case basis when the request for personal information is initiated. Only after a Participant submits their personal information will they be eligible for the financial or monetary incentive.  If at any time a Participant decides they do not want to share their personal information, the Participant should simply stop the process and terminate their engagement with the Services and Ancillary Services. In situations where such personal information will be provided in an ongoing or periodic basis, Participants may contact privacypolicy@crazyraccoons.com and request their personal information be withdrawn.  

All financial incentives, monetary incentives, vendor discounts, gift card values, or “price or service difference” arising from the submission of a Participant’s personal information shall be valued at the sole discretion of Company taking into account estimates of anticipated revenue generated, estimated expenses and other relevant factors as permitted under the CCPA.

All terms are used in this Notice as defined in the CCPA or applicable regulations thereunder.